Gripcare: hand cream for athletes

GRIPCARE SEVENTY for more grip

When you need more grip during a workout, grab a bottle of GRIPCARE SEVENTY!
SEVENTY is a high-quality liquid chalk with 70% alcohol. The special mix gives you more grip, so you can focus on sending your projects!

The special formula contains rosemary alcohol that can help relieve joint pain in your fingers and keep you fit for your next workout!

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GRIPCARE hand cream for stronger skin

Gripcare 75mlAfter your workout, look no futher than GRIPCARE hand cream. Developed by athletes for athletes, the special, fast absorbing formula with panthenol, calendula oil, ectoin and vitamin A keeps your hands in shape for your next workout!

Our fast absorbing formula means you no longer have to wait before the cream has soaked in an you can use your hands again!

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GRIPCARE Repair for torn skin

With a special combination of beeswax, shea butter, jojoba and calendula, GRIPCARE Repair is ideal for treating split fingertips, cracked skin, flappers and cuts. GRIPCARE Repair is completely made from natural ingredients that support the optimal regeneration of your skin.

GRIPCARE Repair is nice and thick and is absorbed slowly so it can treat your skin injuries.

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